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February 2023

Humbled and honored to receive the 2022 EKFS Clinician Scientist Professorship!

February 2023

Warm welcome to Kuppe Lab Daryna Pikulska and Osman Goni!  


Oktober 2022

foto cv.jpeg

Warm welcome to Kuppe Lab Annachiara Pastore!  

September 2022


 Honoured to receive the Life Science bridge Award 2022 from the Aventis foundation! Very grateful for the support from my mentors, their team and collaborators!  

June 2022

e:MED Summer school 2022 “Single-cell based systems medicine (Single-Cell-Sysmed)” took place at MDC/BISMB Berlin for the first time in collaboration with Charite. Cagla was selected as one of 20 participants. The summer school was organized to gather computational scientists, life scientists and medical doctors in order to create a multidisciplinary environment. Outstanding group leaders gave their lectures and organized workshops for the participants. A fantastic workshop to start into a PhD!

e:MED summer school 2022

May 2022

Welcome Cagla Akagunduz and Paul Kießling, looking forward to work with you on your PhDs!

May 2022

The Kuppe Lab officially opens and is recruiting at all levels.

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